Lipomassage™ by Endermologie® is the newest in non-invasive treatment for cellulite and fat. It is designed to slim, firm and sculpt the body by using suction and rollers. It reactivates cellular activity by mechnically stimulating your skin (mecano-stimulation) with a pleasant and non aggresive technique. 

The treatment is performed by a professional using Cellu M6® and Mobilift M6® devices.

Mecano-stimulations is an exclusive technique that stimulates cells to send signals deep into the subcutaneous fat cells and tissue beneath the skin. A variety of protocols are used to best stimulate circulation and provide deep tissue massage

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Cryo-Sculpture is a non-invasive fat loss treatment. It works by using controlled temperature to rephape the body contours and freeze fat cells, your body will naturally process and get rid of the fat.

About Facials


Healthy beautiful skin can be obtained by getting facials regularly! With professional strength exfoliation, extraction and hydration your skin will be smooth and cellular turnover rate will be increased. Your esthetician will analyze your skin, determine your skin type and identify your unique needs. In addition to your skin appearing radiant, you will also enjoy a relaxing experience and leave feeling refreshed.

Uses electrical pulses to retract muscles and tighten loose skin.

Uses narrow frequency ultrasonic waves to breakdown unwanted fat cells.